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The XMBA Creates Exponential Leaders (XLs) That Execute On a Higher Level Personally, Professionally, and Organizationally

We’ve created one three month online course designed to make you the best version of yourself. 
After the XMBA, you’ll be unrecognizable. 

We’re a team of world class facilitators, comedians, writers, and lifelong learners that all realized the same thing:

Traditional education isn’t cutting it anymore.

We spent over 15 years of research and $600K on education and online courses to learn the hard way-so you can learn the easy way.

Our goal was to take twenty years of experience, and then bottle it down to two years.

But, why stop at two years?

So, we’ve now condensed that knowledge from 20 years to 2 years to now, three months.

(We’re working on making it two months-because wouldn’t that be a clean way to explain the XMBA? 20 years experience in 2 months?) 

Yeah, well, we’re not quite there yet. So, 20 years experience in 3 months (for now!)

"As a young person trying to navigate through a new age of technology and fighting to be seen in a highly saturated technological environment, this gave me the tools to do just that. You will have a completely new mindset by the end."

Welcome to the XMBA

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3 Month Beta XMBA

Become Your Own MVP.
The XMBA will build the habits you need to accelerate yourself personally, professionally, and organizationally. You will learn how to clear your mind, grow your own self worth, master the spectrum, and visualize your future, among much more. 



XMBA For Team
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The flagship XMBA course, delivered to your entire team up to ten seats. Additionally, grab a workshop with XMBA to get your whole team aligned in one meeting. 

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Aaron Bare, Creator of XMBA and Exponential Theory

  • Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestselling Author (Exponential Theory:  The Power of Thinking Big)
  • Global Facilitator and World Class Speaker (Worked in over 90 Countries and all 50 States)
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation Educator  (Singularity University, Thunderbird School of Global Management, Arizona State University)
  • Serial Entrepreneur (Built and Sold Over 12 Companies, Founded 3 Accelerators & 3 Non-Profits)
  • ​Completed 120+ Online Courses  (Applied Behavioral Science at Oglivy Consulting; Leading with Purpose at Oxford Leadership; Biomimicry Masterclass at Biomimicry Institute; Science of Mindfulness at Harvard University; Google Analytics Advanced at Google Academy and more...)

What do you call somebody who’s overeducated yet underemployed? 

A Millennial!

What do you call somebody with valuable experience that’s struggling to adapt to the digital world?

A Gen X!

Thank you, thank you, we’ll be here all weekend.

The XMBA was created to be universally applicable, for Gen X, Y, Z, and beyond

The truth is, you’re going to be disrupted. We’re not sure how you’ll be disrupted but it’ll happen faster than you thought.

So, XMBAs are on a mission to disrupt themselves.

Can’t be disrupted if you disrupt yourself first, baby!

XMBA Founder Aaron Bare, before he disrupted himself, was dealing with self doubt. “Am I worthy enough?”  He was concerned about his self worth and impulsively learning just to fill the void.

He got his traditional MBA from the Thunderbird of Global Management. But that wasn’t enough, so he became Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) at Thunderbird.  

Still not enough. So he went and became EIR at Singularity University on the NASA Aimes Campus. He hung out with rocket scientists and the deepest thinkers in the US…

Still not enough.

It was when he was applying to PhD programs that he asked himself “What the F&%# am I doing?”

He had hundreds of thousands of dollars of education hanging on his wall and thousands of books living in his brain.

He realized the problem wasn’t his knowledge, but it was his Mindset, Beliefs, and Attitude that was holding him back. 

So here’s the takeaway: you can disrupt yourself and eliminate your self limiting beliefs.

We'd Also Like to Address
Self Help

Self help sucks! 

The self help industry is built on telling you what’s WRONG with you, and that you need them to be GOOD.
That’s nonsense. You’re perfectly imperfect. 

You're exactly where you need to be in this moment. 

This is not self help. 

We are here for those that believe in a bigger vision for themselves. If you want to learn new habits (and better yet, unlearn your bad habits) we’re here for you.

Anyways, back to our XMBA success stories...

Aaron's life started to CHANGE after his self disruption. 

As he disrupted himself he improved mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. He improved his mental health, lost weight, raised emotional awareness, found a higher purpose, and grew his wealth. 

Aaron wrote a book about self disruption called Exponential Theory, that hit #1 in 13 different Amazon categories, #5 on Amazon overall, #4 on the Wall Street Journal Bestseller list, and #2 on Barnes & Noble .com (you’re not gonna catch John Grisham with your first book). 

Through self disruption and the XMBA, he found his own life purpose and relentlessly pursues it. 

His life has moved entirely from friction to flow, and it’s all because he took charge of his own story. 

After all, somebody is writing your story-shouldn’t it be you?

Another Exponential Leader named Forbes first started disrupting himself when he was deeply struggling with self labelling. 

He labeled himself an addict, bi-polar, and a case of lost potential.

Then, with the XMBA, he started writing his own story. 

He used the XMBA to address trauma in their past, and remove their labels (self limiting beliefs) to create a greater vision for themselves. 

Now? He's in his best physical shape, reaching their professional goals, making more money than they’ve ever made, and healthily & happily mentally.

The XMBA was built to make you the best version of yourself. 

20 years of experience in 3 months. 

Become unrecognizable. 

Master your mind. 

Get in better physical and mental shape. 

Accelerate who you are. 

Write your own story, and delete the parts with self doubt.

The XMBA stands for two things. 
One, we are NOT an MBA. 

One more time for the people in the back, we are NOT an MBA.

If you want an MBA and a path to middle management, may we recommend traditional higher education?

Second, the XMBA stands for eXponential Mindset Beliefs and Attitudes.

Let’s break that down really quick.

First, eXponential. It’s the curve that looks like this...

To over simplify, it means you grow really f$%#ing fast. 

Stupid fast. 

So fast the rest of the world is moving in slow motion. Like our guy Usain…

Next, Mindset. Mindset is your Thinking Mind. 

This is the part of you that can accept, reject, and originate ideas. Your mindset consists of 6 intellectual factors – Imagination, Intuition, Reason, Will, Memory, and Perception. 

The XMBA will teach you how to use each one of these factors as a tool of the future.

When information is impressed with repetition or emotion, it passes to subconscious mind. So, the XMBA will uplevel your subconscious mind over time-so that you’re subconsciously doing the good habits that move you forward.

Beliefs. This is your Emotional Mind. 

Your emotional mind works in Feelings. Your emotional mind must accept all information impressed upon it through repetition or emotion. This then controls energy (vibrations) of the body. 

The XMBA will help you strengthen your emotional mind muscle so that you’re feeding yourself good energy (vibrations) to act on.

Attitudes. This is the “Doing” part of our personality. 

Mindset and Beliefs funnel down into our Attitudes. Energy (vibrations) of the body is decided by thoughts held in the subconscious mind. Controls the action and behavior part of personality. If you put crap in, you get crap out. 

The XMBA will naturally make your attitude the most attractive thing about you.
The course currently has 13 modules. 

Each module takes, on average, an hour to complete. 

This course is completely self paced so you can work on your time. 

Every module caters to your learning style, with video segments, audio segments, written segments, and a collection of different handbooks and guides we’ve put together to accelerate your learning. 

We’ve included exercises and deep reflection questions in every module so you can put the XMBA to work IMMEDIATELY.

In three months, you’ll be the best version of you.

"This is truly a gem. Every organization strives to contribute an impact and this will make a difference in achieving those innovative goals."

"A Blueprint for Future Entrepreneurs"
- Daymond John, Shark Tank Investor

"Innovating Through Extreme Uncertainty"
-Ash Maurya, Founder of the Lean Canvas

What do you get when a world class facilitator, comedian, and some kick-ass video crew set out to create the last course you’ll ever need to take?
The XMBA...

Best Value!

One time fee, lifetime access. 
  • 13 Week XMBA Curriculum
  • Declutter Your Mind Module
  • ​F&%# the past! Module
  • ​Accelerating Change  Module
  • ​Grow Your Self Worth Module
  • F&%# the critics! Module
  • Spectrum Module
  • ​Find Your Why Module
  • ​Learn or Win Module 
  • Buyer's Funnel Module
  • ​Visualization Module
  • ​MVP Module
  • Exponential Mindset Module
  • ​Pay It Forward Module
  • Buyer Funnel Manual
  • Project Management Guide
  • Predictable, Repeatable, Scalable, Sustainable Manual
  • Lifehacking Manual
  • Digital Minimalist Manual
  • Fallacies, Biases, Mistakes Manual
  • Clear Your Mind Manual
  • The Rhodium Rule Manual
  • The Mars Shots Manual 
  • Signed Authors Copy of Exponential Theory
  • Guaranteed Spot in the beta testing course
  • Lifetime Access to the course
  • In-Depth reading guides, workbooks, and video modules
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Exponential Theory  
The Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestseller that has improved over 500 companies' leadership and innovation practices...

Level up your leadership and innovation skills with the same process we used to help the above organizations

OH! Almost forgot to mention we have a money back guarantee, in case this doesn’t work out for you. 

HOWEVER, we haven’t had to use it yet, so we hope you’ll keep our streak alive and commit to learning the XMBA when you sign up.
If the investment isn’t doable right now, reach out to us and we can discuss scholarship options. 

If you need this, we will find a way to get it to you.
We’re committed to you. Our personal goal is to have one million people go through the XMBA, and come out as Exponential Leaders (XL).
To us, it’s simple. The world has a lot of problems right now, but with One Million XL (#1mXL) there is no problem in the world that is unsolvable. 

With an army of changemakers, there is no crisis we can’t tackle. 

As Voltaire said “No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.”
We’re philosophical and scientific. Yeah, kinda like humanities mixed with some science, if that’s not just insultingly derivative of the XMBA.
We’ve worked with modern day philosophers and thought leaders as well as a neuroscience company to best understand how the mind works. 

By addressing Mindset, Beliefs, and Attitudes we have built a well rounded course that is the perfect blend of hard and soft knowledge.

See Why We Spent $600,000 On Online Courses to Create the Last Course You'll Ever Need to Take

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  • Landmark Forum
  • ​PSI Seminars
  • ​Rapport Leadership International
  • ​Wizard Academy
  • ​Hive
  • ​Goal Achiever


What Past Partners Have Said...

"Want to be the business professional that creates an optimistic future for your business? This is for you."

"As an inventor myself I was impressed by how Aaron was able to explain the cyclical nature of innovation and how it will continue to improve our lives in the future."

"These principles are a good template for building a successful strategic plan for your organization and should be implemented in your personal growth plan also! This will be a resource which will be referred to over and over."

"In order to soar in your business, you have to know no bounds. Exponential thinking unlocks the possibilities. This has been helpful to remember as it’s so easy to think small when so many people are doing the same or similar things."

"Completely changed my perspective on how to succeed as a startup."

"I was able to relate because Aaron talked about so many companies I interact with myself, like Starbucks, Dominos, Uber, and AirBnB. Now, when I interact with these brands, I do so with a greater understanding of why they are successful and disruptive to their industries."

"As a young person trying to navigate through a new age of technology and fighting to be seen in a highly saturated technological environment, this gave me the tools to do just that. You will have a completely new mindset by the end."

"This is truly a gem. Every organization strives to contribute an impact and this will make a difference in achieving those innovative goals."

One Million Exponential Leaders

Our Purpose:  #1mXL

The good news is, the future is bright. The bad news is the present is not. 

We live in a world with increasingly complex and compounding problems. Between a deteriorating planet, and a nuclear arms race the world is approaching a climax. 

We believe, however, that the leader of the future-or as we call it, the Exponential Leader (XL), possesses the ability to solve even the most complex problems. 

So, we're on a mission to create One Million XL's because of one belief:  with an army of change makers, no problem is unsolvable. 

Are you with us?

Create a Shared Vision

Learn to articulate massively transformative visions and rally your organization behind it

Develop the Business Model

Digital and multi-sided business models are the way of the future; learn how to build yours

Manage Teams and Execute

"Manage projects not people", and other great leadership insights to get the most out of your team

Leverage Technology to Scale

Learn how to apply technology both internally and externally to your company and harness exponential technologies

Manage the Complex

We coined the "Rhodium Rule" and will teach you how to use it to solve the most complex problems

Create Value & Negotiate

Why split the pie when you can grow the pie? Learn how big thinking can help with value creation and negotiation

Testimonials from Past Clients & Partners...

"They know how to close business deals. They're focused on finding solutions and solving problems."
"Aaron is a creative thinker with incredible insight. I have always been impressed with his strengths in both strategic thinking and execution. He is a natural leader and thought partner. I would highly recommend any opportunity involving his perspective!" 
"I have had the pleasure of working with Aaron throughout the years on projects, and have also had clients and colleagues who have had the same pleasure with amazing results." 
"I highly recommend...they are fun to work with and really go the extra mile to make sure you have what you need, on time and on budget!"
"THE cutting edge entity for helping businesses and individuals breakthrough and occupy the space they covet by delivering the right message at the right time with the right tool to targeted audiences. "
"I'm always happy to work on projects with Aaron and Exponential Theory - he fosters a fast-paced and innovative environment."
"Their knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed and they're very enjoyable to work with on a project." 
"Aaron has the ability to take a complex subject  and break it down to understandable terms."
"Aaron and Exponential Theory redefines time and energy everyday."
"Aaron is an individual with innovative ideas, exemplary business acumen, and a great knowledge of social media."
"Their ability to generate new ideas and processes was instrumental and inspirational while we worked together."
"They know how to own and grow businesses coupled with a kindred spirit for commerce." 
"Exponential Theory delivers what was promised or more. They are consistent, innovative, and work hard to present the client in a way that is both distinguishing and exemplar."
"Exponential Theory has already proven time after time they can create, grow, and turnaround businesses generating millions in long term revenue and relationships." 
"Exponential Theory helped us develop hiring strategies to recruit quality employees for our unique business model. We could not have accomplished our hiring goals and expanded our company without their help."
"Aaron was very professional and knowledgeable in all facets of our rebranding process. I would highly recommend him his work to others."
"Exponential Theory was very easy to work with and extremely responsive on all issues!"
"I have found others who have worked with Exponential Theory as clients and found all of them to be very happy. To me, there is no better endorsement."
"Aaron is a true networker. He is continuously striving to connect people for mutual benefit and his efforts extend the people he works with and creates new opportunities for many. I am happy to have Aaron Bare in my personal and business network."
"I recommend Aaron highly, and especially appreciate his ability communicate effectively and to find positive solutions to some of my business challenges."
"Aaron is focused on building mutually beneficial partnerships and has exceptional experience in evaluating human performance. "

Embrace Your Future!

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