The XMBA: Exponential Mindset, Beliefs, and Attitudes

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"A Blueprint for Future Entrepreneurs"- Daymond John, Shark Tank Investor

This course has been developed and facilitated at over 500 companies
The proven results have yielded over $4 billion in exponential growth 

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Ready to Create Your Legacy?

The Exponential Theory is built to impact the world, leave a legacy, and create something bigger than ourselves

Apply before January 1, 2022 and receive a limited edition signed copy of Exponential Theory:  The Power of Thinking Big

What is the XMBA?

Theory, Practice, Mastery
Twelve Week Online Course
Built for Full Time Professionals

Ready to Hit 10x Returns?

Join us to further understand exponential theory, practice it, and master the ability to get 10x returns from strategy, people, and technology. 

Who Teaches the XMBA?

Aaron Bare
Entrepreneur, Strategist, Author

  • Bestselling Author of Exponential Theory:  The Power of Thinking Big
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation Educator that taught at Arizona State University, Thunderbird, Singularity University, and the Arizona Commerce Authority
  • CEO of several venture backed companies and managing director of an award winning digital strategy firm
  • Speaker & Facilitator that has worked with over 500 organizations in 90+ countries and all 50 states

Who We Are

Exponential Theory is a growth strategy and innovation consulting firm
We have worked with some of the World's most sophisticated companies to create and market breakthrough products and services...

What We've Done

In addition to our XMBA, we also offer coaching, consulting, facilitation, speaking engagements and workshops. 

What We're Doing

We're building a consortium of leaders, entrepreneurs, and coaches to help the World think bigger, one mind at a time. 

Ready to Impact One Billion People?

At Exponential Theory we’ve worked with over 500 organizations and have over 20+ years’ experience in creating some of the most innovative companies in the world.

Why the XMBA?

Create a Shared Vision

Learn to articulate massively transformative visions and rally your organization behind it

Develop the Business Model

Digital and multi-sided business models are the way of the future; learn how to build yours

Manage Teams and Execute

"Manage projects not people", and other great leadership insights to get the most out of your team

Leverage Technology to Scale

Learn how to apply technology both internally and externally to your company and harness exponential technologies

Manage the Complex

We coined the "Rhodium Rule" and will teach you how to use it to solve the most complex problems

Create Value & Negotiate

Why split the pie when you can grow the pie? Learn how big thinking can help with value creation and negotiation

Ready to Start Living in Abundance?

 Our collection of mental models will help change how you see the World, and shift from of a life of scarcity to limitless. 

Are You Up for the Challenge?

This is the New School of Leadership. Apply to be a visionary, executive leader, innovator, and entrepreneur. We are in the business of helping our partners (not students) reach their potential. 

What is The XMBA?

Easy to Use Online Courses

The XMBA is a collection of easy to use online courses composed of several tracks to improve your ability as a leader. It was built to make you more mindful, accelerate your career, and lead your company to success.

How Does The XMBA Work?

Create a Profitable Business

The XMBA is a collection of ten modules. After these ten lessons, the goal is to understand, practice, and master the Exponential Theory ultimately creating a profitable business as your capstone. 

Is The XMBA Right for Me?

Meet You Where You're At

The XMBA is designed to meet you right where you're at. As long as you're willing to expand your box and become a better leader, this course is for you. 




Learn how to leverage major disruption tools to disrupt yourself, your competition, and your industry-to hit your targets
Improve your leadership and management skills, as well as complex adaptive problem solving skills to better navigate volatility
Increase your ability to execute in your daily life, your work, and your community to save time and move at an accelerated pace

What Does the XMBA Cost?

How Much Does the XMBA Cost?

Special Case Study Application Price!
Submit an Application for Your Team for Just $50 (Usually $200)

Apply before January 1st, 2022 and receive a limited edition signed copy of Exponential Theory:  The Power of Thinking Big

XMBA Enrollment
One-Time Fee, if Application is Approved
  • Unlimited Access to Course Materials
  • Ten Unique Different Lesson Modules Over 12 Months
  • Videos, Workbooks, and Virtual Workshops All Included
  • Seats up to 40 Team Members ($250/head at full capacity)
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Course Outline

Ten Modules
Twelve Weeks
Perpetual Results

Module One:  Exponential Theory; The Power of Thinking Big

  • Accelerated Change: Define and Recognize Accelerated Growth
  • Disruption: Conceptualize 6D's of Disruption on an Exponential Curve
  • Future Leaders: Begin Developing Your Future Leader Skills

Module Two:  Leadership Theory; The Power of Creating a Shared Vision

  • MTP: Developing a Massive Transformative Purpose
  • Cultured: How to Build a Culture of Success 
  • Team Development: Assessing Team Needs and Filling Roles

Module Three:  Creativity & Innovation; Solving for a Greater Good

  • Creative Brain: Understand Why/How Our Brains Achieve Creativity
  • History of Innovation: What We Can Learn From Past Innovators
  • Conscious Capitalism: Grasp the Theory of Conscious Business

Module Four:  Business Model Strategy; Iterating on Feedback and Mastering the Pivot

  • The Lean Canvas: Master the Lean Canvas and Lean Model Processes
  • MVP: Developing the Minimum Viable Product
  • Iteration: Collecting, Interpreting, and Implementing Feedback

Module Five:  Project Execution; Manage Projects, Not People

  • Strategize: How to Build an Effective Project Strategy
  • SMART: Set Goals for the Company and the Team
  • Budget: Efficient Budgets Save Valuable Resources

Module Six:  Growth Hacking; Creating Customer Value While Growing a Profit Center

  • Hacking 101: Start Developing Your Growth Hacking Skills
  • MVP 2.0: How to Create Value and Achieve Project Progress
  • Capturing Value: The Final Step in Entrepreneurship

Module Seven:  Venture Development; Leveraging Technology to Scale

  • ExTech: Familiarization of all the Exponential Technologies Available
  • Digitization: How to Digitize Any Business Model
  • Stacking Revenue: The Key to Cash Flows and Asset Building

Module Eight:  Managing the Complex; Mental Models to Solve Any Problem

  • VUCA: Master Your Vision, Understanding, Clarity, & Agility
  • Foresight: Assess the Realm of Possibilities and Likelihoods
  • Rhodium Rule: How to Consider the Entire Ecosystem

Module Nine:  Creating Value and Negotiating with Big Thinking

  • MTP 2.0: How to Impact a Billion People
  • Negotiating 101: How to Leverage Yourself
  • Multi-Sided: How to Develop Multiple Customer Segments

Module Ten:  Capstone Project; Launch an Exponential Company

  • Strategy: How to Plan Your Short and Long Term Futures
  • Accelerate: Learn to Pitch Your Own Business
  • Next Steps: We Give You the Tools, Now What?

Ready to Accelerate Your Innovation?

We've studied and worked with the world's greatest innovation labs to streamline the innovation process.

Testimonials from Past Clients & Partners...

"They know how to close business deals. They're focused on finding solutions and solving problems."
"Aaron is a creative thinker with incredible insight. I have always been impressed with his strengths in both strategic thinking and execution. He is a natural leader and thought partner. I would highly recommend any opportunity involving his perspective!" 
"I have had the pleasure of working with Aaron throughout the years on projects, and have also had clients and colleagues who have had the same pleasure with amazing results." 
"I highly recommend...they are fun to work with and really go the extra mile to make sure you have what you need, on time and on budget!"
"THE cutting edge entity for helping businesses and individuals breakthrough and occupy the space they covet by delivering the right message at the right time with the right tool to targeted audiences. "
"I'm always happy to work on projects with Aaron and Exponential Theory - he fosters a fast-paced and innovative environment."
"Their knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed and they're very enjoyable to work with on a project." 
"Aaron has the ability to take a complex subject  and break it down to understandable terms."
"Aaron and Exponential Theory redefines time and energy everyday."
"Aaron is an individual with innovative ideas, exemplary business acumen, and a great knowledge of social media."
"Their ability to generate new ideas and processes was instrumental and inspirational while we worked together."
"They know how to own and grow businesses coupled with a kindred spirit for commerce." 
"Exponential Theory delivers what was promised or more. They are consistent, innovative, and work hard to present the client in a way that is both distinguishing and exemplar."
"Exponential Theory has already proven time after time they can create, grow, and turnaround businesses generating millions in long term revenue and relationships." 
"Exponential Theory helped us develop hiring strategies to recruit quality employees for our unique business model. We could not have accomplished our hiring goals and expanded our company without their help."
"Aaron was very professional and knowledgeable in all facets of our rebranding process. I would highly recommend him his work to others."
"Exponential Theory was very easy to work with and extremely responsive on all issues!"
"I have found others who have worked with Exponential Theory as clients and found all of them to be very happy. To me, there is no better endorsement."
"Aaron is a true networker. He is continuously striving to connect people for mutual benefit and his efforts extend the people he works with and creates new opportunities for many. I am happy to have Aaron Bare in my personal and business network."
"I recommend Aaron highly, and especially appreciate his ability communicate effectively and to find positive solutions to some of my business challenges."
"Aaron is focused on building mutually beneficial partnerships and has exceptional experience in evaluating human performance. "

Ready to Solve the World's Biggest Problems?

A critical Exponential Theory principle is that future leaders will leverage exponential growth to absolve the world of its biggest maladies. 

Praise for 
Exponential Theory: The Power of Thinking Big

"A Blueprint for Future Entrepreneurs"- Daymond John, Shark Tank Investor

"Exponential Theory provides a blueprint for future entrepreneurs through stories from today's biggest innovators." - Daymond John, Shark Tank investor

"Innovating Through Extreme Uncertainty"- Ash Maurya, Lean Canvas Creator

"This book presents a powerful mental model for leading and innovating through extreme uncertainty." - Ash Maurya, Author of Running Lean and Scaling Lean; creator of Lean Canvas

"Reinventing the Way We Think"- Richie Norton, Bestselling Author

"In Exponential Theory, Aaron brilliantly shares how great entrepreneurs are reinventing the way we think about business for good and how you can do it too." - Richie Norton, Bestselling author of The Power of Starting Something Stupid 

"Perfectly Timed. Perfectly Put."- Todd Woods, Bestselling Author 

"Perfectly Timed. Perfectly Put. Exponential Theory is a must read for any business owner or Entrepreneur competing in 2020 and beyond. Very well researched with excellent, implementable ideas. Explained through examples of companies that have thrived due to disrupting and digitizing, to massive brands collapsing due to not changing with the times. Simply put, Bare and Shannon capture it best with "The customer wins, or the company dies." - Todd Woods Co-Author Guerrilla Marketing for Franchisees, & Service...Some People Just Don't Get It

"A User's Manual for Disruption"- Trip Hawkins, Founder EA Sports

"Exponential Theory is a user's manual for disruption, well-organized and offering numerous insights, all backed up by great stories." - Trip Hawkins, Founder of EA Sports, Creator of John Madden Football

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